1           Practice Teaching School                 1.VidyanagarG.D.Vidyamandir
2.Kuricha T.D. High School
3.United High School
4.Bhanatarini Girls High School 5.Jahananagar Kumarananada High School
6.Champahatai K.P.C. High School
7.Rajapur Dhirannath Vidyapith
8.Rajibpur High School
9.Jaluidaga Gopal Chandra Girls High School  
2 ICT Resource Center                
3 Library  Facilities
1. Total Title: 1125
2. journal: 39 3.Encyclopedia: 59 5.Total Books: 5026  
4 Music Lab
5 Games
  1. CAMPUS : The campus is well equipped with Class rooms, Laboratories, Library, Seminar Hall, Multipurpose Hall, Sports Ground, Indoor Stadium, Garden and a Canteen. The Lecture rooms are well lighted and have comfortable seating arrangements for the students. The campus has lush green lawns, a pollution free environment which makes yours stay memorable and leaves on unforgettable learning experience.
  2. LIBRARY : A well stocked library is the lifeline of an academic institution. The library is situated in the college building. The library is spacious and well lighted and have comfortable seating arrangements. The library ensures that students have not only then relevant course books, journals. and reference books but also have reading material (Magazine, Newspaper) that increase knowledge for an over all development of the personality.
  3. LABS : The Institution is having well equipped Laboratories with modern equipments for Science, Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science, Geography Art and Craft and Psychology.
  4. COMPUTER LAB : The Institute provides Computers Lab facility within the institute premises. The Labs ensure that the students get maximum hands on experience on the machines.
  • SPORTS & CULTURAL ACTIVITIES : The wide open space in Institute is available for play grounds for Cricket, Football, Volley Ball Court, Basket Ball, Badminton and provides a variety of Indoor Games in the Indoor Stadium. It equips you with the skills to prosper. It helps build confidence on your abilities and grow as a term. Several cultural activities are another important activities during the year.
  • TOURS : We shall organize Educational tours from time to time to enable students to co-relate their theoretical knowledge with their practical experience.
  • HOSTEL AND MESS : A comfortable, healthy and pleasant environment is essential the students to enable them concentrate on their students. It provides separate hostel accommodation for both boys and girls. Hostel is provided for boys and Mess is provided for girls at affordable price. All room are well-furnished, spacious and airy.
  • CANTEEN : The Institute provides spacious arid hygienic canteen facility located within the Institute premises at affordable price.
  • MULTIPURPOSE / SEMINAR HALL : A huge multipurpose hall with effective light & well designed. Our institute have a audio-visual center for lectures, seminars and demonstration by the regular and visiting faculty members with all modern communication aids. Seminars on a variety of subjects are organised by blend of experienced and new generation highly talented faculty members.
  • PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT : Institute is committed to all round development of its students. We invite guest speakers and conduct seminars, conferences and workshops on a variety of subjects.
CODE OF CONDUCT : All the boys/girls seeking admission in the college are expected to follow the following rules and regulations (Subject to change by college authorities)All students shall comply with college rules and regulations.Students are expected to be well behaved and amenable to discipline and not to do anything that interferes with the progress of students or with the harmonious and quiet atmosphere of the College.Students must not enter or leave the class without the permission of the teacher.Students must not create any disturbance in the classes, Principal’s office, Examination halls, College and G.B. Meetings. Noisy and disorderly conducts in the College premises, impersonation at roll call, using unfair means at Examination, defiance of College property are serious offences and will be severely dealt with.Students will have to pay for all damages caused by them to books, instruments, equipments or other college property.Students must obey the directives of the Principal issued from time to time according to the exigencies of circumstances. The Management holds the authority to strike off the roll of a student or expel a boarder from the hostel as and when he deems it fit and proper.